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 White vinegar


White vinegar is sold in food section of supermarkets. Originally used for food (mostly canned food), it also offers many benefits for home care.

Its main asset is its acidity which allows you to easily remove scale deposits.

On the other hand, vinegar is much cheaper than the specific products and certainly more environmentally friendly as issued from a natural product.

The main uses are :
  • Descale chromed surfaces (faucet for example) by applying it pure with a brush. The advantage is that the vinegar dissolves the limestone but does not attack the chrome or metallic surface (except aluminium).
  • Renew faucets aerator by soaking it few minutes in a glass or other container

  • Remove limescale glass surfaces (shower walls) by applying it with a sponge
  • Descale devices such as coffee makers, kettles, domestic irons (or iron steam station), steam cleaners, washing machine ... by operating the unit with diluted vinegar in water.