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 Make a groove in wood panel with a circular saw

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In the manufacture of furniture it may be necessary to make a groove: to insert the back of wardrobe / cupboard or bottom of a drawer for example. This will give you a perfect finish.

Of course you can make your groove with a router but it needs to have one and some know-how.

An other way to proceed easily can be the use of a circular saw.

Just set lateral guide in position to make the groove at desired distance from the edge of the board. Then adjust the blade height in order to get required groove depth. Take care to adjust the cutting depth depending on the thickness of the board to obtain a groove depth sufficient without weakening the wood (or cutting the board ;-)).

For larger groove just remake as above by slightly modifying the adjustment of the lateral cutting guide.

This allows you to have an impeccable groove, perfectly straight and a with constant depth in a minimum of time.