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 Electric planer


Electric planer is a very efficient tool to remove material from a wood board in order to adapt size or plane a rough surface.

Use is easier than manual planer and doesn't need to be an expert in blade sharpening.

Working principle is similar to milling machine, with a cylinder fitted with two blades that grind wood wile turning.

the electric planer can :
  • Prepare raw wood before sanding to get a flat, leveled surface
  • remove material for adjusting a part to a desired size
  • chamfer an angle
  • plane top or bottom of a door which doesn't fits well
  • make a rabbet (machining in "L")

Settings :
Planer has a wheel for adjusting the depth of cut depending on the thickness of the wood to remove. The setting is usually done by steps of 0.1mm. Maximum depth depends of planer power.
use :
Use is very simple but still requires a little practice. Before using planer you must check that blades are in good condition because if they have an impact you will obtain a defect to the wood surface and if they are worn this will increase the effort necessary to move the planer and surface will not be smooth. You must also ensure that the wood is clean (no grit and without nails or metallic parts because the blades will be damaged if they hit this kind of objects).
 Put the front of the tool on the surface to be planed, at this step blades must not be in contact with wood. The engine must be started before entering in wood. Then planer must be held firmly, pressing it forward. The feed rate must be constant without straining the engine. You have to cover in one time the entire length of the board, otherwise you will obtain some defect where you have stopped.

If board is larger than the planer you will have to do several successive passes but it will be difficult to get a perfectly smooth surface you may need to sand the part after.
Screwdriver's tip :
If you are equipped with an electrical wood planer think to buy raw sawn wood that is cheaper than plane one.