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 Concrete sander


Concrete sander is working on same principle than conventional wood or metal sander except that the abrasive disc is replaced by one or two diamond wheels. This allows to sand or grind hard materials as concrete or stones.

This tool can be used for several application but due to its size it will be limited for small surfaces even if efficiency is quite impressive.
It can be used for :
  - flattening or removing small defects on concrete slab
  - polishing stone floor or pavement
  - remove old tiles glue
  - remove roughtcast on wall
In general it will be great on hard materials but will not work on soft surfaces as old carpet glue or thick paint.

Several different types of diamond wheels are available and to be selected according to work to be done.
This type of grinder will be usefull for diyers in home construction or renovation and will make works hardly possible without or far more longer by other means.
As it is very agressive, to obtain a good result procced by several steps without forcing  on the tool. If you work inside, connect to sander a good vaccum cleaner as it generates huge amount of dust.

The only constraint will be the cost of the machine and replacement wheels even if they last quite long time. You can choose to rent one if you only forecast to use one but pay attention as diamond wheels are often not comprised in initial price. So it could be cheaper to buy one taking into account that you will have it for any future application or that you can sell it after.