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 "Drill Doctor" internal mechanism / 220V convertion


 Drill Doctor is one of the most effective tool for sharpening your drill bits for personnal use.
The different models are available either on 110V or 220V but unfortunately the 220V model produced for exportation (outside US) is far more expensive, maybe due also to importators.

So you should have wonder if it could be possible to buy a 110V model and transform it into 220V operating.

We have made the test for you and bought a brand new Drill Doctor 750X. So we decided to dismantle it to see how it is made inside.

If you belived to find some electronics or a transformer then you will be quite disappointed. In fact there is only a 110V (120VAC) motor on which is attached the diamond grit wheel, a switch and a little "black box" named KBL610 which is in fact a rectifier that convert alternative current (A/C) into direct current (D/C), thats all.

Conclusion : 

First solution to convert it into 220V would be to change the motor by a 220V, unfortunately such type of motor is not so easy to find as most of other tools or appliance use built-in motor. Similar size could be found from model airplane but will run on 12V so will not solve the voltage issue.
Then regarding the economical aspect, buying a spare motor would certainly cost more than buying a cheap step down tranformer (200 Watts power will be convenient). The other avantage to have a transformer is to have possibility to power other 110V tools or battery charger. Such solution remains cost effective compared to a 220V model.
  Note : 12V motor could also be considered as an alternative on technical side (not for economics), if you would like to use your Drill Doctor outdoors, as it could be powered by a car battery.