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 Remove embedded security screw


In order to prevent electrical and electronical devices dissassembly, manufacturers often use security screws with specific head shape. Fortunately you can buy security screw on the market. But if screw is embedded in a deep hole, in general the adapter is too large to go inside and it is impossible to reach the screw.

An easy method to solve this issue is to modify the screw tip in order to allow its use with a simple flat screwdriver.

For this you will have to make a groove at back of the tip. Pay attention to center it pretty well. Tip material is very hard you can try to make the groove with a metal hand saw but the best will be the use of a coridon disk fixed on a mini drill.

When done just put the screw tip inside the hole an use adapted flat screwdriver to unscrew.

At reassembly you can replace security screw by a standard one to ease any further reopening.