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 Infrared Thermometer


An infrared thermometer allows to measure temperature of an object without any contact. Two main types are available one for medical purpose allowing check of body temp and an other one for general purpose and especially work requiring temp measurement. Note : the medical thermometers are generally limited in range and includes a compensation to convert external skin temp into real internal one, so it will not be convenient for other purpose.

Main interest of infrared thermometer is to allow measurement at a certain distance (for high temperatures for example) and gives accurate and immediate value compared to conventional thermometer needing contact and a certain time to reach the value. It can measure very high temps but also do numerous different measures in a short time. Accuracy is also very good.

Use is very easy, you just have to direct it to the area you want to measure and then press the switch to obtain value. A laser pointer is also included to ease aiming.

So it will be very useful to check temperature of your car engine, check isolation of your house and detect cold air leakage of a window or also check your fridge temperature. Many other application are also possible.

If your about to buy one first thing to look at is the range temperature, you will prefer the higher range temp between negative and positive 700°C will be a great value for all DIY applications. Obviously price will directly depend of range capacity. Some other options a
For personal use models that you can find on the net for less than 50 Usd will be sufficient compared to branded ones that will not bring any improvement even if price is far more higher.